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The company objective is to exceed expectations by delivering quality, safe projects within strict time frames and budgets.
The culture of Ground Zero Construction is based on efficiency, service, and equal-opportunity.


Heavy construction in Arkansas and Oklahoma is not for the average contractor. Ground Zero Construction employs top notch certified mechanics to make sure that our massive equipment is constantly maintained and ready to do the dirty work. We bring the most advanced tools and the highest level of innovative technology to the job site to make sure we get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with zero mistakes or injuries to our crew.

We specialize in: Underground Utilities, Excavation & Drilling, Water Mains, Hauling & Dumping, and Road Construction

Arkansas & Oklahoma


Heavy Equipment

Ground Zero Construction has all the equipment necessary to achieve every heavy earth work milestone according to schedule. Whether you need material handling, construction vehicles and earth-moving equipment, trenchers or scrapers, we’re the top choice in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area and Northeast Oklahoma.

Our Specialties: Subsurface Excavation, Tunneling, Land Rehabilitation, and Dirt & Rock Removal

Northwest ARkansas, & Southeast Oklahoma


Roadway & Driveway Services

A perfectly graded, smooth road or highway is the only standard for our company. If we wouldn’t want to drive our own vehicles on it, we won’t build it. We take in to consideration all the elements of a long lasting durable road, including drainage, material, subsurface, and so much more.

Also Includes: Track Layout, Concrete Work, Trenches & Drainage, and Design

Arkansas & Oklahoma


Underground Construction

Often, public utility systems run underneath the ground, some for aesthetics and some for function. Other underground work also includes sanitation sewer construction, storm sewer construction and domestic water construction. Our company has the ability, capacity and know-how to do all the digging you need and all the right government permits needed to meet any deadline.

Our Specialties: Utility Mains, Natural Gas Lines, Electricity Distribution, and Telecommunications & Fiber Optics

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