Ground Zero Construction



What's Our Secret To Safety?

Safety is embedded in our culture and every Ground Zero team member knows it. We are steadfast in being proactive and we routinely coordinate with professional safety experts to ensure that all of our crew members and construction projects meet our standards every step of the way. Our quest for a work environment with zero injuries is our company’s main tenet. We proudly boast over 5 years of accident-free workdays. We know that emphasizing safety is the right thing to do and the only way we know how to get the job done. In fact, it is at the heart of all we do is the never-ending focus on safety. The safety of everyone on the job site should never be overlooked, not even for a second. Ground Zero Construction makes sure the staff and job site is safe before we work, while we work, and long after we’re done working. Our company embraces a collaborative culture of safety far beyond just our construction crew and team. Attention to every small detail is imperative in our routine safety meeting conducted every morning in our office. We discuss everything from a clean office with no tripping hazards, to inspecting our safety harnesses before we even put them on. Ground Zero Construction understands that an injury to any member of our team can stall a job, cost more money and put everyone in a bind, so it is our duty to look after one another at all times.

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