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Are you looking for a general contractor in Siloam Springs, Edmond or Tulsa? You are in the right place. This article will talk about Ground Zero Construction Company in Oklahoma.

Ground Zero Oklahoma Construction Co. is a leading builder throughout the entire state. Our company has proven to be very impressive to everyone in the commercial project industry. In Colcord, Oklahoma, we can design and build just about any job you can develop as long as you’re willing to call.

There are quite a few construction companies in the area, but none of them can compare to what we have here at Ground Zero Construction Company. From inception to completion, whether you’re planning a large or small project, we’ll be on top of it from day one. We will discuss Ground Zero construction company in this article.

Just like our sister company Ground Zero Arkansas Construction Company, our team provides construction services like construction management, design build services, commercial management services, industrial building projects, commercial construction, and many more.

Our team comprises professional and board-certified Industrial Engineers, Architects, and contractors whose expertise is the best in the Oklahoma city industry that is why our reputation is one of the best to date.

If you are planning to pursue a commercial construction project, we are keen to walk you through our construction process and give you details regarding budget, safety, and insurance protocols.

Oklahoma Construction Company - Ground Zero

History of Ground Zero Construction Inc. Company

Ground Zero Co. Inc. is a family-owned general contractor business headed by Rod and Jamie Garman that was established in 2004.

At first, the company had a project with contractors in the construction and design of residential units. After which, the business had its own gig.

Back in 2008, the Tribal Employment Rights Office recognized the construction management company.

This organization is renowned for its efforts in protecting the rights of the Cherokee nation and upholds strict policies regarding equal opportunities for tribal and non-tribal employees.

The Services Offered by Ground Zero Construction Inc.

Are you in need of construction services?

Do you want to pursue a construction business down the Blvd? Contracting with us to design would be your best bet! We have you covered.

We have several ongoing projects, projects that are in the process of completion, and completed projects with different businesses and companies around Oklahoma, especially in Tulsa, that are budget-friendly with very high approval rates.

The company also does on-site inspections and visit locations that are within Oklahoma for clients that are planning to put up their own construction businesses.

Subcontractors who most often than not leave construction projects can never match our commitment to the success of our clients hanging dry.

Our construction team provides the highest quality of work and is firm in creating healthy relationships with new clients.

So, if you are curious, here is a list of design projects and services we offer:

Heavy Equipment

Our construction company has extensive in handling heavy equipment thus we deal with a lot of heavy earthworks.

The equipment we handle are construction vehicles, earth-moving equipment, trenches, and scrapers.

On-site professional project managers with top-notch capabilities are always present to ensure the safety of our employees and a conducive work environment.

These are the services we offer with heavy equipment:

  • Subsurface Excavation
  • Tunneling
  • Land Rehabilitation
  • Dirt & Rock Removal

Road and Driveway Projects

Our company only hires the most qualified engineers, who will guarantee your road is built to the highest standards.

We don’t want to pave over something if we wouldn’t use it ourselves.

We’ll examine how a road will stand up to the elements, how vehicles will interact with it and so much more.

This service also includes the following:
  • Track Layout
  • Concrete Work
  • Trenches & Drainage
  • Design

Underground Pipeline Projects

Utility systems often run under the ground. Their function is often aesthetic. Other underground work in Oklahoma City includes sanitation sewer construction, storm sewer construction, and domestic water construction.

We can take care of all of your digging needs, whether you are a client in need of a small-scale project or a larger one.

  • Utility Mains
  • Natural Gas Lines
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Telecommunications & Fiber Optics

So, these are some of the construction management projects we have and are currently working on. We hope this gives you an idea regarding our commitment and how we do things in Oklahoma.

Our management can also design anything for our clients and customers if they do not have something particular in mind.

Completed Projects

We take pride in our work and we wanted to share some of our completed and ongoing projects with you. Some of our projects are located in Oklahoma City OK. With all humility, here they are:

  • Cul De Sac in Peggs, Oklahoma (Please insert picture)
  • Ground Levelling in Stilwell, Oklahoma (Please insert picture)
  • Construction Project in Arkansas (Please insert picture)

Safety is our top priority

Aside from providing quality and budget-friendly services to our customers, we also ensure that our team operates in a safe working environment.

The management does not just consider one worker as a partner, but a part of our family.

We are firm believers that to provide quality service, we must take care of our construction management team and make sure that they are well compensated for in every project that they undertake.

We have completed construction management projects accident-free for the past 5 years and we intend to keep it that way.

Final Words

If you are planning on contracting our services or are looking for support, you can contact us through the following:

Phone Number – +9184225354

Email – groundzeroconst@gmail.com

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