Excavation Equipment Basics And Their Purposes

Nowadays, there are various types of excavation equipment currently on the market. Each type is designed to best serve a given purpose. You can modify some of them to serve different purposes. The type of equipment needed is dependent on the type of excavation you are planning to carry out, so be sure that you check with a reputable excavation company before you finalize your next big project.



A dragline excavator is designed for large-scale construction projects such as civil engineering works. The main types of draglines include standard mobile and on-site draglines. These are not excavators used to do your backyard work. Usually, they are brought to the site and then assembled on-site owing to their huge size. This is because they are quite heavy and can be impossible to transport without having them in separate pieces.

heavy construction company machinery


Back hoes are the most common type of excavators in use today. In fact, they are used heavily in the industry, with a bucket in front facing the driver. They are commonly used because of their increased productivity on site. If you want a great excavator to do the job and reduce your costs, then this is the best one. Moreover, it has the ability to swivel the cab up to 360 degrees. This offers you any view you need during construction.


This type of excavator is designed to suck the dirt, waste, and other materials from the soil. Sometimes it is used for research purposes. It works by adding water to the soil and making the soil and other important materials looser before sucked out of the site.


This is the appropriate excavator for demolition projects. The machine has a long arm that is ideal for any form of demolition. The good thing about this type of excavator is that it is incredibly strong, durable, and can easily break through structures and walls. This makes the demolition project much more cost-effective and productive. It also allows the operator to stay a safe distance away from a demolition site whilst providing the much-needed power.

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