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Top Materials that Can Be Recycled After Demolition

Demolition and construction waste are quite heavy and voluminous and account for about 35% of the waste generated. Reuse of demolition waste is an important process in the building’s life cycle. This is because efficient recycling practices and material reclamation can divert over 80% of the structure’s material from the landfill. In this post, we tell you about the different materials that can be recycled and to what.

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The Secret Behind Building Long Lasting Roads and Driveways

When planning out a road or a driveway, there are some key factors that determine the outcome and lifespan of the surface. In general, the lifespan of road and street pavement is around 39years. That of a sprayed seal surface should be at least 13 years while that of an asphalt surface is around 26 years. Unfortunately, most contractors do not always give all the details to innocent developers leading to poor roads with a short lifespan. Here are the key factors that will help determine the lifespan and outcome of your road.

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Land Clearing In Arkansas

This is the process necessary to undergo before any construction can take place. When you buy a land, you may notice that the area is not leveled, it may look slightly wavy in appearance. It may have bushes, trees, rocks, etc. It’s typically ill advised to start construction until you remove all obstacles and clear the land and leveling it.

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