Arkansas Construction Company

The state of Arkansas in the southern part of the United States is home to a lot of businesses that are related to agriculture such as cotton farming, rice plantation, turkey production, and a lot more. Despite this dominantly agricultural economy, there is also an industry that has been well-established in Arkansas: construction. Here are some things you should know about the heavy construction service industry in this state.

Starting Your Own Construction Company

Upon having a glimpse of the lucrative construction industry, you might be wondering how you can start your own. This won’t be easy, but this is very possible. With thorough research and ample resources, you could open your own construction services enterprise.

Check Requirements

For those who are planning to establish their own business, the Arkansas Secretary of State website provides all the forms and rosters the documentary requires that are needed. One of the most important files to have is the contractor’s license for construction companies offering the service of contractors. In case you have inquiries, you may reach them through the “Contact Us” button on their website.

Secure Capital

In general, starting an enterprise necessitates investors for the safety of financial capital. If you can’t search for investors, make sure that you have personal funds to finance your new business project. You may also contact lending services that would be interested in backing up your would-be company.

Establish Your Identity

A construction or engineering service company that just entered the market has one fatal disadvantage: time. Most people or businesses would prefer companies that have been operating for years. This does not mean that you’ll fail, though. You just need to establish your identity by working on one project at a time. Always make sure that you offer an excellent service and the clients will follow afterward.

Looking for Construction Services in Arkansas?

According to the advertising website Manta, there are more than 20,000 businesses in Arkansas registered under the construction industry. However, among these businesses, there are a select few that stand out because of their excellent customer service and top-notch products that hit the home run. Popular names might include Nabholz or Action Mechanical, but surely you have heard of this company – Ground Zero Construction.

Be it a heavy equipment project, general construction services, or industrial underground utility management, Ground Zero Construction has the solution for you. This company is aptly named because it fulfills a role that should take place before a building design is implemented. By using their high-quality heavy equipment, they prepare the land for the start of the actual construction phase. Here are some of their specializations.

Heavy Excavation and Hauling

Digging is Ground Zero’s forte. That is why most contractors seek the service of this company for excavation needs. With their heavy machinery, the workers of Ground Zero do the best excavation work in entire Arkansas. This company also partners with German Trucking in hauling dirt, gravel, and other materials from the excavation site.

Underground Pipe Construction

Water, fiber optic cables, and utilities are all transported through underground pipes. If you need to construct a system of underground pipes, Ground Zero will surely be of help. They have handled several projects in pipe construction for electric transmission, telecommunications, and natural gas supply, to name some.

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